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Your best Belize memories start with Bookings, our on-site concierge. The adventure gurus can make arrangements for every activity and attraction that Belize offers, from mainland day-trips to overnight fishing excursions. Sail Caribbean waters and suit up for an underwater scuba adventure. Swim alongside friendly nurse sharks, stingrays, and sea turtles at Shark Ray Alley. Go back in time and explore Belize’s enchanting ancient Mayan ruins.

The Belize Zoo

  • Half or Full-Day Mainland Adventure

The Belize Zoo began almost accidentally in 1983 when the need arose to care for a collection of captive animals used to make documentaries about Belize’s tropical forests. When the organizers realized that many Belizeans were not familiar with the species native to their country, they began expanding and developing the Belize Zoo into what it is today. Now home to more than 45 different native species, the zoo is a dynamic tropical education center committed to increasing understanding, appreciation, and the preservation of the country’s natural world and wildlife.  The vast majority of the zoo’s temporary and permanent residents are animals that were orphaned, rescued, or rehabilitated from injury in the wild. Individual animals who are capable of survival on their own are released, while those who would thrive better in captivity become permanent residents. This is a fun trip for a family or anyone who loves animals. Enjoy a leisurely day at the zoo or add on an extra activity such as zip lining, cave tubing, horseback riding, or an ATV jungle tour!
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  • Half or Full-Day Mainland Adventure

There are many different sites where you can ride horses in Belize. When you take our horseback riding tour, you’ll head to one of the best locations. We offer half and full-day day trips for Jungle Horseback Riding in Belize, and both take place on the mainland in the rainforest along the Old Belize River. As you stride through the trees and under the jungle canopy, you’ll be serenaded by the sounds of birds, insects, and howler monkeys filling the air.  

This exciting tour can fill your whole day, or you can pair it with other excursions that take place nearby. Choose from roaming the Altun Ha ruins, cave tubing, ziplining, or visiting the Belize Zoo. 
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  • Half or Full-Day Mainland Adventure

Altun Ha is the name given to the ruins of an ancient Maya city on Belize’s mainland just six miles from the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The largest of the site’s pyramids is the Temple of Masonry Altars, which is 52 feet high and an easy hike. The area around Altun Ha is rich in wildlife including armadillos, bats, squirrels, agouti, paca, foxes, raccoons, coati, tyra, tapir and the white-tailed deer. Two hundred species of birds have been recorded and there are large crocodiles that inhabit the Maya-made water reservoir. This Maya site is notable due to the presence of a large water reservoir called “Rockstone Pond”. 

This tour can easily be paired with the Belize Zoo, zip lining, or horseback riding, among others. Due to its convenient location near Belize City, it’s also possible to discover this ruin and make your afternoon flight at Belize International Airport!
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  • Full-Day Adventure

Venture into the ancient past and explore the Maya ruins of Lamanai, one of the longest continuously occupied Maya sites in the Americas, and one of Belize’s top attractions. Take the ferry or a quick flight over to Belize City, followed by a short van transfer, then a scenic boat ride along the New River. Watch for exotic wildlife including crocodiles, spider monkeys, snakes, sleeping bats, and the famous “Jesus Christ Bird.” Also get an intriguing glimpse into the thriving Mennonite culture of Belize as you cruise the river right through one of their several farming settlements in the country, Shipyard Colony. 

Once you arrive at Lamanai, your archaeological experience begins with a firsthand lesson of Maya civilization, history, and culture at the Lamanai Museum. The day continues with an adventurous jungle hike through the lush tropical rainforest, as the temples at Lamanai are located a short distance apart through the canopy. The riverside hiking trails will lead you to Lamanai’s impressive temples, plazas, and numerous stone carvings. Visit the famous Jaguar Temple, Mask Temple, and enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding jungle and the New River as you climb 112 feet to the top of the aptly-named High Temple.
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